Why We Exist: From Aid to Social Enterprise



How many countries have achieved first world status solely through aid?


How many countries have achieved first world status with the help of free enterprise?

Every single one.

Social enterprise is one of the most significant solutions to eradicating poverty.

Social Enterprise (n.)

A profit and social good driven organization that leverages the power of business and innovation to generate economic profit and measurable social impact. Social enterprises hold the business and social missions in tandem. Social enterprises are run with integrity and the value and dignity of people at the forefront.

How is social enterprise a long term, sustainable solution to poverty?

When social enterprise is introduced to a developing community by starting small, socially conscious businesses that promote job creation and social good while making a profit, the vicious circle of poverty is brought to a halt.

The Impact of Social Enterprise

Social enterprise transforms societies by:

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Because it holds integrity, love, and human dignity at its core

Because it releases participants from the clutches of poverty


Social Enterprise is…

Because it offers each participant impartial and unbiased opportunity

Because it bridges the gap between what is and what could be

Because it seeks to do the right thing for the right reasons

Because it catalyzes lasting economic, social, and spiritual change

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