Why We Exist: Is Aid the Solution to Poverty?



It would take $58 billion EACH YEAR to provide basic aid to every needy person in every developing country.

Annual Cost of Poverty Aid Infographic

Is Aid an Effective Solution to Poverty?

If the goal is to lessen the EFFECTS of poverty, then aid is an effective strategy. But if the goal is to eradicate the EXISTENCE of poverty, the effectiveness of aid must be called into question.

Is aid sustainable? Does aid target the root of poverty, not just its effects? Does aid shift economic systems and increase the community’s wealth? Does aid empower those in need? Does aid provide life-changing opportunity?


In order to eradicate the existence of global poverty, we need a sustainable solution that addresses the root problems.

Aid doesn’t
…create good jobs
…inspire innovation
…generate sustainable revenue
…empower local people
…or catalyze lasting transformation.

In some cases, sending aid may even be harmful.

Video by Poverty Cure. Used by permission.

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