Who We Are

Agora is a business development nonprofit (501C3). Our IRS charter allows us to use donated funds to launch for profit businesses. These businesses are focused on contributing to economic growth by creating jobs, paying taxes and promoting social projects within the community which the business is in.

What We Do

Agora trains, empowers and supports socially conscious entrepreneurs to launch sustainable and profitable businesses in communities in the developing world and the U.S urban core through a comprehensive offering that includes assessment, mentoring, training on Lean Principles, funding, ongoing holistic support.

What We Offer

  • One on One Lean Principle business consulting from professional entrepreneurs
  • Mentorship from subject matter experts
  • Economic development fund set up and access (donated funds)
  • Services such as; health insurance, member care, etc.

Meet Our Team

RAY BARRETHChief Executive Officer
Ray Barreth has over 30 years experience creating, directing, and leading new ventures in the United States and the United Kingdom. He has brought companies from product inception to funding and launch, two of which exceeded $100M in annual revenue.
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RALPH METZGERChief Innovation Officer
Ralph Metzger is a social entrepreneur with 25 years of experience building businesses in the developing world. From furniture manufacturing to vermiculture biotechnology, these ventures made a lasting impact on the lives they touched and their communities.
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KELLY FASOLDTProject Manager
Kelly has been an organizational leader and founder for over 25 years in ministry, education, and business. 100% of the graduated students from her academic program attended college with a remarkable percentage achieving most competitive placements.
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Do You Share Our Vision?

80% of startup businesses fail, but with Agora Enterprises, 80% of startup business succeed.
Join us and make a difference.