When social enterprise is introduced to a community in a frontier market through profitable, socially conscious businesses that promote job creation and social good, the vicious cycle of poverty can be slowed to a halt. Agora Enterprises gathers talented people, organizations, and proven tools to build a network of services to develop and support social entrepreneurs.

What We Provide to Entrepreneurs


We provide world class business training to entrepreneurs looking to build a business of social and economic impact.

We provide training via the Lean Canvas through Lean Startup Principles.


We provide our entrepreneurs and their families with the services they need in order to run a successful business. Some of those services include:

  • Managing their Economic Development funds

  • Providing access to health insurance

  • Providing access to cross cultural training services

  • Providing whole team strength assessments


We help our entrepreneurs develop solid business plans and master the tools needed to increase their access to outside investment. By providing ongoing business mentoring to our entrepreneurs, we offer investors the opportunity to know where the company stands, the risk factors involved and how their money will be used in the company.

Case Study – Educor Kenya Limited


Ms. Prisca Muyodi is the founder and director of Educor Kenya Limited. She is passionate about early childhood education and is primarily responsible for Educor’s conceptualization, execution and growth to date. Her global work experience and exposure combined with her local upbringing have equipped her to create a unique value proposition for the selected market niche.

Agora Enterprises provided Prisca with an intensive Lean Start Up training that allowed her to use the lean canvas to get a better understanding of her business and where she needed to improve. Agora provided her 1 one 1 business mentoring to help build upon the concepts of the lean canvas. Through Agora, Prisca was able to put her business in front of outside investors and increase her chances of receiving funds.

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