Venture Village™ Overview

Venture Village Overview Socially Conscious Enterprise
The V² Community

When you join the Venture Village™ Community, you join an international network of resources, collaboration, and support made up of socially conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders from all over the globe. V² is ripe with proven, world-class resources to help you maximize your business success and your social impact.

Joining this global community gives you access to the things you need to learn, train, collaborate, grow, and scale your business to success. As our client, you can uniquely tailor your path to meet your specific needs, whether you are a new entrepreneur looking for comprehensive training or an existing business leader looking for support and advanced training.

V² Components
  • Strengths Assessment

    At the onset of your journey with us, we’ll have you take a few different assessments. Based on those results, we’ll help you discover and maximize your strengths through two 1-hour interpretation and counseling sessions. Throughout the course of your membership, we’ll help you utilize those results as you build your team, make action plans, and strive for success.

  • Advisory Board

    Not only will you get peer-to-peer advise and coaching from your mentor, you’ll also have an advisory board made up of 4-5 subject matter experts who are in your field or a closely related one. Once a quarter you can conduct a phone call or Skype meeting to pose questions or troubleshoot problems. Plus, if you need more extensive help on a project or problem, you can hire your subject matter experts on a project-basis.

  • Resource Portal

    As a part of our community, you’ll have access to our awesome resource portal containing hundreds of articles, videos, templates, case studies, and more resources covering a multitude of business and entrepreneurial topics. And you won’t get bored – we’re adding new resources all the time.

  • Access to Additional Services

    We’ve gathered a variety of people, resources, and tools together in one massive network of all the service you could ever need to run your socially conscious business. We can connect you with the services you needs – from finding healthcare, to language acquisition, to business plan development, and lots more. Learn more about the services we offer.

  • Global Entrepreneur Training

    We have developed a comprehensive world-class training program for global entrepreneurship. We’ve purposefully constructed our training in a flexible, module-based format to fit the unique needs of every entrepreneur. You can participate in a complete cohort-based, on-site entrepreneur training bootcamp or take individual courses on your own time,  Learn more about Global Entrepreneur Training.

  • Mentoring

    Our mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully built multiple businesses. You’ll have a chance to interview and approve your mentor, who will serve as a spiritual mentor, sounding board, and business coach. Together you’ll develop a two page business canvas broken into monthly action plans. Each month, you’ll have a Skype session and three quick phone calls to touch base on your action plan.

  • International Cohort

    You’ll get to collaborate monthly via Skype with a peer group of 4-6 other entrepreneurs from around the world. We’ll provide you with summaries of each others’ businesses and objectives. Plus we’ll prescribe an outline for your phone meeting to ensure each call is efficient, effective, and helpful to all parties.

  • Funding Opportunities

    Our funding opportunities are, well, just plain awesome. Our Venture Village entrepreneurs can feature their projects on our impact investing and crowdfunding site, InvestnUs. Through InvestnUs, international investors and investor groups can give you low-interest loans. You can also leverage the power of social crowdfunding and donated funds for working or investment capital.

Venture Village™ FAQs

What is Venture Village™?

Venture Village™ is a global community of socially conscious entrepreneurs working together to catalyze sustainable social and economic transformation in developing communities around the world. This global network utilizes modern technology and regional hubs of entrepreneurial activity to bring world-class resources and support to entrepreneurs all over the globe, no matter where they live.

What are the components of Venture Village™?

Strengths assessments—interpretation, counseling, and application of assessment results for the founder, his team and business plan

Mentoring—with seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully launched multiple SMEs

Training—focused on lean strategies, offered as a training bootcamp or modular course-by-course basis

Resources—extensive resource portal, expert advisory boards, and peer-to-peer mentoring

Global Collaboration—through the Venture Village network of entrepreneurs and their teams

Funding—crowdfunding, donated funds, impact investing, and legacy investing all in one power-packed online platform

Additional Business Services—cross-cultural support, business coaching, and support services

Who can participate?

Anyone with a burning passion to create lasting social, economic, and spiritual transformation through business is welcome in our community. You don’t need a million bucks. Or a wildly successful business launch under your belt, although that helps. What you do need is a business idea that is sustainable and scalable and directed towards a developing or underprivileged community.

Our Venture Village community is made up of new entrepreneurs who don’t have a clue how to read a balance sheet, seasoned entrepreneurs who have launched multiple successful businesses, Western entrepreneurs starting cross-cultural endeavors, indigenous entrepreneurs sparking entrepreneurial movements in their countries, and everyone in between.

If you think you have what it takes to change the world through business, please fill out the application here.

Where are the regional hubs?

Our home-base regional hub is in Kansas City, USA. Our first full-blown international hub is set to launch in Nairobi, Kenya in 2016. Regional hubs are popping up everywhere. We can even put a regional hub where you live.

Regional hubs don’t have to be full-blown permanent locations either. They can be 3-day training seminars, 6-week bootcamps, startup grind weekends, 48-hour hackathons, or fellowship and networking meetups anywhere.

If you honestly believe you are Superman, and desire to launch a regional Venture Village hub in your community, then fill out this application faster than a speeding bullet and shoot it back to us.

Ok, this all sounds well and good, but how much does it cost?

Well, we said you don’t need a million bucks. 900k will do. Just kidding.

We do not take a percentage of equity in your business as other launch accelerators do. We believe that your business should stay your business. Instead we make our money by taking monthly association fees, offering customized individually priced services, and receiving a small percentage of your gross revenue. This keeps your costs down, allows you to retain 100% ownership and control, and guarantees you only pay for what you need.

We’re happy to talk with you and give you an estimate. Please fill out the Venture Village™ application to get the process started.

You will also have opportunities to participate in Demo Days and Shark Tank Days to receive funding and feedback from international investors.

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