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We can help you run your socially conscious business.
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We’ve gathered talented people, organizations, and top-notch tools to construct a network of services for entrepreneurial support and development available to our V² community participants.

These additional services help socially conscious businesses thrive in various cultural environments and connect social entrepreneurs to a wide network of support.

If you are in need of a service, we can connect you with the right people, tools, and resources you need to make the greatest possible impact. Fill out the form below to request additional services. Or, if you are not yet a part of the Venture Village check out the overview or apply to join today.

Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for social entrepreneurship? Is your family ready to move cross-culturally and start a business? Let us help you figure out the answer.

Employee Development

Successful enterprises need quality employees. We can help you develop employees’ intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development so that your team is all the stronger.


Language Acquisition Training

Learning a new language can be incredibly hard. We can help you learn skills that will enable you to learn the language of your new country more quickly.

Personal & Family Support

Moving your family overseas challenges the whole family. We can help prepare you for these challenges, or connect you with resources in the midst of them.

Crisis Management

When crisis strikes your social enterprise, your family, or you personally, who do you have to turn to? We can help you deal with whatever crises come your way.

Cultural Awareness Training

Culture shock is very real. Do you kiss, hug, or shake hands? Everything down to how you greet one another can be a big deal with a lasting impression. Let us help you learn how to be aware of cultural issues you may face.

Legal Assistance

Starting and running a business involve many legal considerations. If you need help navigating through legal waters of your business and country, we’re here to help so you can focus on what you do best.

Business Aptitude Assessment

What kind of business are you best suited to? What role in business is right for you? We can help you figure these answers out with our business aptitude assessments.


Country Viability

Not every person is suited for every culture and country. Is your country of choice a good fit for you? For your family? We can help you figure out your country viability before you embark on your cross-cultural journey.

Business Plan Development

Having a business plan is crucial for launching a successful social enterprise. Our team can help you develop your business plan fully so that your business can thrive and you can secure funding from investors.

Governmental Issues

Governmental regulations and involvement regarding business vary greatly from country to country. We can help you understand governmental issues you might face and be prepared to deal with them.

Business Viability

You may have an elaborate business plan worked out, but is your business plan viable? Will your business thrive in the country you plan to start it in? Let us help you figure out the viability of your business.

Retirement Planning

Do you have a plan for retirement? Do your employees? We can help you figure out the retirement plans that make the most sense for you and your staff.


Without proper financing, even the best business plans can’t come to fruition. We have unique funding opportunities, including a crowdfunding site and a private equity team, both available to social entrepreneurs.


Life Insurance

We can help you secure a life insurance policy for you and others who need it.

Health Insurance

Finding health insurance may be more challenging in a cross-cultural environment. We can help you find the best plans for you and your employees.

Human Resources Management

Managing the human resources side of your business can be time consuming. Let us help you with the HR management of your social enterprise.

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