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If you’re a socially conscious entrepreneur or business owner, there’s no better way to Get Funded than through our innovative funding platform, InvestnUs.

InvestnUs is our impact investing and crowdfunding platform for socially conscious entrepreneurs and their businesses. If you are an approved entrepreneur, you’ll have access to multiple pathways of raising funds for your entrepreneurial training, working capital, or a specific project for your business, all through one dynamic website platform. InvestnUs gives entrepreneurs access to investment groups, individual investors, legacy donor-advised investors, and crowdfunders.

Funding Pathways

Donated Funds

Leveraging the power of social crowdfunding
Agora Donor Fund
One click to making a

When crowdfunders deposit money into the Agora Donor Fund, Agora will allocate the money to the projects or entrepreneurs who need it most.

Targeted Donation
Put your money
where you want

This option is like regular crowdfunding – crowdfunders find the projects that interest them most, give funds, and become personally interested in the project’s success.

Investment Funds

Low-interest bearing loans with a big impact
Agora Impact Investment Fund
Your money working where
it’s needed most

The Agora Investment Fund allows impact investors to put their money in a general investment fund through which Agora will allocate low-interest bearing loans to socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Targeted Impact Investments
Your money working where
you want it to

Impact investors who want to invest their funds in specific projects or businesses can make targeted impact investments as interest-bearing loans, receiving an ROI from the projects or businesses they support.

Agora Impact Legacy Fund

The tax-deductible donation that builds a lasting legacy

With Agora’s Legacy Impact Fund, families can fund socially conscious business for generations to come. Every time money is deposited into the fund, the owner receives a tax-deductible receipt. They can direct their money to fund the InvestnUs projects and entrepreneurs of their choice. As they build on it over time and pass it down through generations, their funds will build interest, increasing the impact of their investment over and over again.

Funding FAQ

Who gets funded?

All entrepreneurs must be part of our global Venture Village™. In other words, they must be clients of Agora working with their mentor on an ongoing basis. This ensures that we know them and their business, personally and can vouch for their integrity and viability. From there, we carefully vet every entrepreneur who applies for funding. Some of the things we look for are:

  • A viable business plan that clearly demonstrates how it will achieve spiritual, social and economic impact at individual, community, and national levels
  • Run on principles of integrity and valuing the dignity of human life
  • Clear impact of wealth creation and profitability
  • Community development – providing jobs and putting money and energy into the community
  • Financial impact for the whole country. Paying taxes, not cheating, contributing to overall economic climate.

What types of projects or businesses might be eligble for funding?

Some examples of projects we’ve funded are:

  • a VoTech school in the poorest region of India
  • a large-scale commercial pig farm and processing plant in Rwanda
  • a coffee plantation in Nepal
  • entrepreneurial training in lean startup strategies
  • high tech
  • textile manufacturing
  • working capital for plant and equipment to increase capacity

Really, if it has a clear trajectory to accomplish social and economic good on a large scale, the sky’s the limit!

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