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It Takes a Village to Raise an Entrepreneur

Venture Village™ (V²) is a global community of entrepreneurial activity for the launch, support, and development of socially conscious businesses in developing communities worldwide. This global community unleashes the power of socially conscious entrepreneurship by bringing world-class assessment, training and resources, mentoring, funding opportunities, and ongoing support and development to the fingertips of entrepreneurs all over the globe.

Agora Venture Village Overview

Global Community + Regional Hubs

We’re passionate about the power of entrepreneurship to lift people out of poverty and transform societies for the better. We believe the best people to spark that change are the very people within those communities. Yet access to world-class resources isn’t always available to entrepreneurs in developing communities.

We are changing that by making those world-class resources and opportunities available to entrepreneurs in any part of the world. V² leverages the power of technology to allow entrepreneurs to receive assessment, training, mentoring, funding, collaboration, and support no matter where they live. We’re also launching regional Venture Villages™ around the globe as local hubs of entrepreneurial activity and in-country business accelerators.

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Joining our Venture Village™ community results in what we like to call the V² effect…achieving maximum profitability and maximum social impact so that together, we can change the world.
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