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Startups and Entrepreneurship Encouraging Smart Risking Taking Doesn't Mean Tolerating Dumb Mistakes Who it’s from: Gordon Tredgold via Entrepreneur What it is: This post teaches readers how to take smart risks that are manageable for your business. Why we like it: When creating a startup, it’s impossible NOT to take

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Startups and Entrepreneurship Top 5 Tips for Long-Term Entrepreneurial Success And Getting Over The "Hump Year" In Business Who it’s from: Billee Howard via Forbes What it is: 5 great tips on getting past the 3-year “hump” in creating a startup Why we like it: Are you in your first

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Startups and Entrepreneurship From The Edge Of Space, 5 Tips For Social Entrepreneurs Who it’s from: Devin Thorpe via Forbes What it is: Five insights that Dan Clark, Hall of Fame Speaker and entrepreneur, gained when flying…into space. Why we like it: Clark’s insights on purpose, significance, and leadership are

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The Morphing of a Social Entrepreneur


When I first met Ryan, he was entrenched in the mystical world of coding for a secret project. This secret project would supposedly change the world of media streaming. His team of software engineers worked diligently with no salary and no guarantees, only the promise of a significant payout when

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5 Tips for Social Entrepreneurs to Achieve the Triple Bottom Line


What if you could create something with the power to stimulate a developing local economy, catalyze societal change, strengthen families, and spark spiritual transformation? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Enter the triple bottom line. That’s exactly what social entrepreneurs are doing. When these entrepreneurs start socially conscious businesses they

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