5 Tips for Social Entrepreneurs to Achieve the Triple Bottom Line


What if you could create something with the power to stimulate a developing local economy, catalyze societal change, strengthen families, and spark spiritual transformation? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Enter the triple bottom line. That’s exactly what social entrepreneurs are doing. When these entrepreneurs start socially conscious businesses they

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Socially Conscious Business | Freeset


Hello… Human trafficking may be the greatest tragedy of our day. Freset works to free the oppressed from exploitation, poverty, and dependence. The meaningful employment provided allows women to walk out of a desperate situation and into empowerment and freedom. We love you, Freeset! Where? Kolkata, India What? Bags and

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Agora Wave 6.3.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship Five key lessons for corporates from an Entrepreneur in Residence Who it’s from: Claudia Barriga-Larriviere via Startup Daily What it is: A deep dive into five concepts that are crucial to creating a lean startup. Why we like it: Lean is good! Humanization of customers, flexibility, and problem

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Socially Conscious Business | Kabum Coffee


Hello… Fair trade is essential to eradicating poverty and ensuring the empowerment and justice of humans doing business. Kabum Coffee supports fair wages and stable jobs, while addressing the problem of exploitation of coffee farmers in developing communities. Where? Uganda What? Coffee Why? Helping to develop hundreds of coffee growers

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Agora Wave 5.27.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship A Series Of Unfortunate Events: How Entrepreneurs Can Endure Ongoing Disappointment  Who it’s from: Chris Myers via Forbes What it is: Steps to take to break through the chains of disappointment as an entrepreneur. Why we like it: It’s unrealistic to assume entrepreneurs won’t face disappointment, but

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