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Startups and Entrepreneurship 7 Rules for Building a Distinctive Personal Brand (and a Bonus to Get You Started) Who it’s from: Deep Patel via Entrepreneur What it is: 7 musts for building a brand for yourself or your business. Why we like it: Entrepreneurs must have their brand down from

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The Morphing of a Social Entrepreneur


When I first met Ryan, he was entrenched in the mystical world of coding for a secret project. This secret project would supposedly change the world of media streaming. His team of software engineers worked diligently with no salary and no guarantees, only the promise of a significant payout when

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Startups and Entrepreneurship Learning About Success in Business From a 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who it’s from: Gene Hammett via Entrepreneur What it is: An interview with Caleb Maddix, author of Keys 4 Success for Kids. Why we like it: Caleb is only 14. No, that’s not a typo! His wisdom and

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 10 Regrets Most Entrepreneurs Eventually Face Who it’s from: Debra Cupitt via OneTen What it is: A roundup of common regrets most entrepreneurs face. Why we like it: It’s important for entrepreneurs to receive mentorship and guidance throughout their startup – take advice from resources like these!

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 5 Signs You’ve Got What It Takes to Become a Successful Social Entrepreneur Who it’s from: Rebecca Cressman via CauseArtist What it is: A great list of unique attributes that may indicate strength in beginning a social enterprise. Why we like it: This article tells the plain

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