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Startups and Entrepreneurship 4 Steps to Making Ideas Actionable Who it’s from: Brenton Hayden via Entrepreneur What it is: 4 great steps to jump the hurdle that stands between ideas and action. Why we like it: Entrepreneurs and other creatives generate ideas like it’s their job (Oh wait…it is). But

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Startups and Entrepreneurship From The Edge Of Space, 5 Tips For Social Entrepreneurs Who it’s from: Devin Thorpe via Forbes What it is: Five insights that Dan Clark, Hall of Fame Speaker and entrepreneur, gained when flying…into space. Why we like it: Clark’s insights on purpose, significance, and leadership are

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Agora Wave 7.15.2016


Startups and Entrepreneurship 8 Entrepreneurship Lessons That Counter What You've Learned Who it’s from: Peter Daisyme via Entrepreneur What it is: An insightfully sideways look at the common entrepreneurship lessons we normally see. Why we like it: The advice on building startups is seemingly unending, and if we’re honest, probably

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Agora Wave 6.24.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship Learning About Success in Business From a 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who it’s from: Gene Hammett via Entrepreneur What it is: An interview with Caleb Maddix, author of Keys 4 Success for Kids. Why we like it: Caleb is only 14. No, that’s not a typo! His wisdom and

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Startups and Entrepreneurship Take Back Your Mornings (Infographic) Who it’s from: Linda Lacina via Entrepreneur  What it is: An Infographic on the dos and don’ts of your morning routine. Why we like it: We all know that morning routines are crucial for productivity throughout the entire day, but what exactly should

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