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Hello… Human trafficking may be the greatest tragedy of our day. Freset works to free the oppressed from exploitation, poverty, and dependence. The meaningful employment provided allows women to walk out of a desperate situation and into empowerment and freedom. We love you, Freeset! Where? Kolkata, India What? Bags and

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Startups and Entrepreneurship A Series Of Unfortunate Events: How Entrepreneurs Can Endure Ongoing Disappointment  Who it’s from: Chris Myers via Forbes What it is: Steps to take to break through the chains of disappointment as an entrepreneur. Why we like it: It’s unrealistic to assume entrepreneurs won’t face disappointment, but

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 10 Regrets Most Entrepreneurs Eventually Face Who it’s from: Debra Cupitt via OneTen What it is: A roundup of common regrets most entrepreneurs face. Why we like it: It’s important for entrepreneurs to receive mentorship and guidance throughout their startup – take advice from resources like these!

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Startups and Entrepreneurship The Empowered Entrepreneur Who it’s from: Entrepreneur What it is: A great collection of the best tips for entrepreneurs (and everyone else!) Why we like it: These tips do what they say they do – empower entrepreneurs to be the best! Social Consciousness Cassava Innovation Challenge Who

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 3 Important Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs Who it’s from: Gary Vaynerchuk via Inc. What it is: An upfront look at the realities of starting a business. Why we like it: Entrepreneurship is hard work and takes tons of commitment. This quick read is very honest about the

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