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Startups and Entrepreneurship Encouraging Smart Risking Taking Doesn't Mean Tolerating Dumb Mistakes Who it’s from: Gordon Tredgold via Entrepreneur What it is: This post teaches readers how to take smart risks that are manageable for your business. Why we like it: When creating a startup, it’s impossible NOT to take

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Agora Wave 7.15.2016


Startups and Entrepreneurship 8 Entrepreneurship Lessons That Counter What You've Learned Who it’s from: Peter Daisyme via Entrepreneur What it is: An insightfully sideways look at the common entrepreneurship lessons we normally see. Why we like it: The advice on building startups is seemingly unending, and if we’re honest, probably

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Startups and Entrepreneurship You Must Have This Characteristic to Be a Successful Entrepreneur  Who it’s from: Michael Glauser via Entrepreneur What it is: This post pinpoints the essence of successful entrepreneurship. Why we like it: At Agora, we believe that a passion for human flourishing MUST drive everything we do,

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 3 Important Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs Who it’s from: Gary Vaynerchuk via Inc. What it is: An upfront look at the realities of starting a business. Why we like it: Entrepreneurship is hard work and takes tons of commitment. This quick read is very honest about the

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 6 Keys to Develop a Successful Small Business Who it’s from: Michael Mamas of What it is: A great overview of how to steer your small business in the right direction. Why we like it: These are the tips you hear from an insider. Great tips

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