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Startups and Entrepreneurship You Must Have This Characteristic to Be a Successful Entrepreneur  Who it’s from: Michael Glauser via Entrepreneur What it is: This post pinpoints the essence of successful entrepreneurship. Why we like it: At Agora, we believe that a passion for human flourishing MUST drive everything we do,

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Agora Wave 6.24.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship Learning About Success in Business From a 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who it’s from: Gene Hammett via Entrepreneur What it is: An interview with Caleb Maddix, author of Keys 4 Success for Kids. Why we like it: Caleb is only 14. No, that’s not a typo! His wisdom and

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Socially Conscious Business | Kabum Coffee


Hello… Fair trade is essential to eradicating poverty and ensuring the empowerment and justice of humans doing business. Kabum Coffee supports fair wages and stable jobs, while addressing the problem of exploitation of coffee farmers in developing communities. Where? Uganda What? Coffee Why? Helping to develop hundreds of coffee growers

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 3 Important Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs Who it’s from: Gary Vaynerchuk via Inc. What it is: An upfront look at the realities of starting a business. Why we like it: Entrepreneurship is hard work and takes tons of commitment. This quick read is very honest about the

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