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Startups and Entrepreneurship 4 Steps to Making Ideas Actionable Who it’s from: Brenton Hayden via Entrepreneur What it is: 4 great steps to jump the hurdle that stands between ideas and action. Why we like it: Entrepreneurs and other creatives generate ideas like it’s their job (Oh wait…it is). But

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Startups and Entrepreneurship Avoiding burnout: Naomi Mwasambili Who it’s from: Naomi Mwasambili via Social Entrepreneur TV What it is: Naomi provides some great tips for avoiding burnout while tackling your startup. See Agora’s tips for avoiding burnout, too! Why we like it: Taking care of yourself will set you up

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Startups and Entrepreneurship Marketing a Social Enterprise Product Who it’s from: Leah McPherson via Social Entrepreneur TV What it is: A quick testimonial on how to market products put on the shelves by social enterprise. Why we like it: Having a good product simply isn’t enough. A wide customer base

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Startups and Entrepreneurship Why Managing Energy Over Time Wins—Every Time  Who it’s from: Tom Chi via Unreasonable What it is: A great wake up call to entrepreneurs and established workers alike to focus on placing our energies in the right place. The Z Factor – the effectiveness, creativity, and drive

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Shifting From Aid and Imperialism to African Development


Holding the Dark Continent at Arm’s Length Two weeks we explained the origins of the term “Dark Continent” as a nickname for Africa. In the 20th century the term “Dark Continent” took on a new meaning. The term’s connotation now reflected the lack of interest and involvement in Africa shown

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