Coach an Entrepreneur

When you coach an Agora entrepreneur, you spark a lasting legacy with a global impact.

Our entrepreneur coaches are an elite group of men and women with a variety of experience in business, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, and social enterprise.

Our entrepreneur coaching program is a world class program developed by seasoned entrepreneurs with decades of coaching experience. When you become an entrepreneur coach with Agora, we provide extensive training and support so that you can offer the best possible coaching to your entrepreneurs.

Why become an Agora entrepreneur coach?

Because your coaching doesn’t just impact one entrepreneur. When you coach an Agora entrepreneur, you are coaching someone who is making a large social impact on a developing community. You are coaching someone whose business is creating jobs, solving community problems, and empowering people. You are coaching someone who will go on to inspire and coach others to start their own businesses.

Through your business coaching efforts, many more future entrepreneurs are born, and countless lives are changed.

Coach an entrepreneur...and coach those who have been told they are stuck in poverty forever.

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