On Monday night a documentary exploring issues of oppression that women face in the United States and abroad premiered on PBS. Over the next 3 weeks,
Journalist Nicholas Kristoff and his wife Sheryl McDunn will give a voice to women stuck in sex trafficking, poverty, and other forms of oppression.

They interview victims. They examine the factors that give way to these issues. They dialogue with advocates and organization leaders who are making
headway on providing real solutions to the problems real women are facing around the globe every day. And they give us, everyday people, a chance to look
at the world through different eyes…and use our opened eyes and stirred hearts to participate in changing it.

At Agora, we’re passionate about seeing a changed, better world. The first step to changing it is to see the problems that exist…often right under our
noses. Join us in watching this crucial documentary. And join us in making a difference.

Missed the first week? Stream it online for this week only here.

We encourage you to take at least one of the following actions steps today!

Action Steps:

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*Image Credit: © Ray Barreth 2014