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Startups and Entrepreneurship From The Edge Of Space, 5 Tips For Social Entrepreneurs Who it’s from: Devin Thorpe via Forbes What it is: Five insights that Dan Clark, Hall of Fame Speaker and entrepreneur, gained when flying…into space. Why we like it: Clark’s insights on purpose, significance, and leadership are

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The Morphing of a Social Entrepreneur


When I first met Ryan, he was entrenched in the mystical world of coding for a secret project. This secret project would supposedly change the world of media streaming. His team of software engineers worked diligently with no salary and no guarantees, only the promise of a significant payout when

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Startups and Entrepreneurship 8 Entrepreneurship Lessons That Counter What You've Learned Who it’s from: Peter Daisyme via Entrepreneur What it is: An insightfully sideways look at the common entrepreneurship lessons we normally see. Why we like it: The advice on building startups is seemingly unending, and if we’re honest, probably

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How to Work with Risk-Taking Entrepreneurs


“The word impossible is not in my dictionary” – Napoleon Bonaparte Driving through Tuscon, Arizona, recently, I decided to take a detour to visit the famed airplane graveyard in the desert. Hundreds of planes are parked there because it is a safe, dry place.  Most will never fly again though

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Startups and Entrepreneurship Avoiding burnout: Naomi Mwasambili Who it’s from: Naomi Mwasambili via Social Entrepreneur TV What it is: Naomi provides some great tips for avoiding burnout while tackling your startup. See Agora’s tips for avoiding burnout, too! Why we like it: Taking care of yourself will set you up

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