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The Morphing of a Social Entrepreneur


When I first met Ryan, he was entrenched in the mystical world of coding for a secret project. This secret project would supposedly change the world of media streaming. His team of software engineers worked diligently with no salary and no guarantees, only the promise of a significant payout when

The Morphing of a Social Entrepreneur2017-09-08T01:10:52-05:00

How to Work with Risk-Taking Entrepreneurs


“The word impossible is not in my dictionary” – Napoleon Bonaparte Driving through Tuscon, Arizona, recently, I decided to take a detour to visit the famed airplane graveyard in the desert. Hundreds of planes are parked there because it is a safe, dry place.  Most will never fly again though

How to Work with Risk-Taking Entrepreneurs2016-07-14T13:00:00-05:00

5 Tips for Social Entrepreneurs to Achieve the Triple Bottom Line


What if you could create something with the power to stimulate a developing local economy, catalyze societal change, strengthen families, and spark spiritual transformation? That would be something, wouldn’t it? Enter the triple bottom line. That’s exactly what social entrepreneurs are doing. When these entrepreneurs start socially conscious businesses they

5 Tips for Social Entrepreneurs to Achieve the Triple Bottom Line2016-07-07T13:00:00-05:00

Does GRIT Explain the Success of a Social Enterprise?


GRIT. You might think of the 1969 Western True Grit, or the more recent 2010 remake of the John Wayne classic. Or you might think of grit in your teeth. This funny word, “grit” is getting new press lately with recent research and publication. When a TED talk on “Grit”

Does GRIT Explain the Success of a Social Enterprise?2017-09-08T01:09:59-05:00

Socially Conscious Business | Freeset


Hello… Human trafficking may be the greatest tragedy of our day. Freset works to free the oppressed from exploitation, poverty, and dependence. The meaningful employment provided allows women to walk out of a desperate situation and into empowerment and freedom. We love you, Freeset! Where? Kolkata, India What? Bags and

Socially Conscious Business | Freeset2017-09-08T01:09:53-05:00
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