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Agora Wave 8.26.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship 7 Rules for Building a Distinctive Personal Brand (and a Bonus to Get You Started) Who it’s from: Deep Patel via Entrepreneur What it is: 7 musts for building a brand for yourself or your business. Why we like it: Entrepreneurs must have their brand down from

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Social Enterprise Stories | Filling India’s Education Gap


We believe that the world is transformed one life, one story at a time. That’s why we are sharing stories of social entrepreneurs across the globe who aim to transform their communities through business. We heard about Locus Learning Academy through their entry on our website. They aim to: “Provide a strong learning

Social Enterprise Stories | Filling India’s Education Gap2016-08-22T08:39:56-05:00

Agora Wave 8.19.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship Encouraging Smart Risking Taking Doesn't Mean Tolerating Dumb Mistakes Who it’s from: Gordon Tredgold via Entrepreneur What it is: This post teaches readers how to take smart risks that are manageable for your business. Why we like it: When creating a startup, it’s impossible NOT to take

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Agora Wave 8.12.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship Top 5 Tips for Long-Term Entrepreneurial Success And Getting Over The "Hump Year" In Business Who it’s from: Billee Howard via Forbes What it is: 5 great tips on getting past the 3-year “hump” in creating a startup Why we like it: Are you in your first

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Agora Wave 7.29.16


Startups and Entrepreneurship 4 Steps to Making Ideas Actionable Who it’s from: Brenton Hayden via Entrepreneur What it is: 4 great steps to jump the hurdle that stands between ideas and action. Why we like it: Entrepreneurs and other creatives generate ideas like it’s their job (Oh wait…it is). But

Agora Wave 7.29.162016-07-29T13:09:42-05:00
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