Startups and Entrepreneurship

What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company

Who it’s from: Entrepreneur’s Catherine Clifford

What it is: An infographic describing the impact of design and color on your company’s logo.

Why we like it: This article and infographic pulls examples from mainstream culture to show how visuals affect our perception of businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur beginning to build your brand, don’t forget to perfect your logo!


Social Consciousness

Here’s How Ethical Business Can Be Good Business, Too

Who it’s from: Perry Yeatman via Quartz

What it is: A description of how business owners can have both profitable and socially conscious business.

Why we like it: We believe that business works best when it benefits more than just the CEO. In achieving this, entrepreneurs don’t have to sacrifice important aspects of their venture, like profit and market share. This article tells us how to achieve success in both sustainable and socially conscious business!


Social Enterprise

JetBlue Gets Cooking With Hot Bread Kitchen — A Social Enterprise Bakery That Empowers Women to Build Economic Security

Who it’s from: JetBlue via MarketWatch

What it is: A press release announcing JetBlue Airline’s mentor partnership with Hot Bread Bakery, and New York based social enterprise that introduces low income and foreign-born women to professional culinary experience.

Why we like it: JetBlue is using its size and influence to take Hot Bread Bakery under its wing (literally). It will provide exclusive coaching, funding, and support opportunities for this social enterprise bakery.


Solutions to Poverty

Making International Trade Work For The World’s Poorest

Who it’s from: The Guardian’s Jim Yong Kim and Roberto Azevedo

What it is: Proposed ideas on how to harness the great growth of international trade and make it more accessible for those enslaved by poverty.

Why we like it: This article faces the realization that due to gender inequality, unstable infrastructure, and a lack of technology, many of those who can most benefit by entrepreneurial endeavors are left helpless. Therefore, it summarizes ideas on how to connect job opportunities with those most in need.


Sustainable Development

Shifting From Aid and Imperialism to African Development

Who it’s from:  Britney Hamm via Agora Enterprises

What it is: An update in the progression of African development

Why we like it: It not only describes a brief history of the “Dark Continent’s development and gives an update of how the U.S. is changing its approach to the cause, but it calls YOU to action and highlights ways to make a difference right where you are.