Startups and Entrepreneurship

5 Reasons Why Immigrants Make Great Entrepreneurs To Boost An Economy

Who it’s from: Forbes’s Christian Stadler

What it is: A unique look at the background behind some of the best entrepreneurs

Why we like it: It provides some common characteristics that many immigrant entrepreneurs possess – and encourages local entrepreneurs to learn from these valuable perspectives


Social Consciousness

Universities begin to unlock the potential of social enterprise

Who it’s from: The Guardian’s Karl Belizaire

What it is: A look at how UnLtd is helping to equip higher education institutions in the UK to teach social entrepreneurship

Why we like it: Social entrepreneurship is spreading like wildfire, and we love hearing stories of students being equipped to pursue enterprise that creates jobs, makes profit, and induces social change.


Social Enterprise

These ATMs In Kenya Dispense Clean Water Instead Of Cash

Who it’s from: Co.DESIGN’s Meg Miller

What it is: A summary of a clean water dispenser that helps keep cash in the local economy

Why we like it: Many in developing countries are able to purchase clean water at a central location – the problem is that the revenue created is rarely invested back into the water purification system. Clean water + investment in local economy = win-win!


Solutions to Poverty

Two in Every Five U.S. Children Spend at Least a Year in Poverty

Who it’s from: Wall Street Journal’s Nick Timiraos

What it is: An honest look at impoverished families in America

Why we like it: This article sheds light on the problem that is not only in developing countries, but in the U.S. as well. This is why we are passionate about bringing sustainable business to every corner of the earth, including our own urban core!


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development will hinge on the smooth union of private and public

Who it’s from: The Guardian’s Alex Evans

What it is: A statement emphasizing the importance of including the private sector in sustainable development

Why we like it: We know that individuals are freed from poverty by having jobs – most of which are created by private enterprise. The momentum of social enterprise is rising!