Global Poverty

African Poverty Infographic

Where it’s from: Agora’s Britney Hamm

What it is: A visual look at how the devastating issues of African poverty and underdevelopment to be.

Why we like it: Modern western culture looks upon global issues such as African poverty and can’t help but ask, “How could something like this happen?” This graphic answers the question, prompting us to act and not let it keep happening!


Entrepreneurship & Startups

The 3 Things You Must Do Before You Approach An Investor

Where it’s from:’s Matt Williams via Entrepreneur

What it is: Advice on what to do and not do before approaching a potential investor about your business.

Why we like it: Entrepreneurs are full to the brim with passion – they are always looking at how to best tackle the next step. This article encourages entrepreneurs to temper their passion with patience, viability, and sustainability before  approaching investors.

Poverty Solutions

Welcome to the Conversation

Where it’s from: PovertyCure’s Jonathan A. Moody

What it is: PovertyCure’s new blog kickoff encouraging readers to engage in the conversation about poverty, socially conscious business, and compassion.

Why we like it: We love PovertyCure all around, and we particularly love these new efforts to engage even more people in these conversations. It’s going to take an entire movement of socially conscious people to stop poverty in its tracks.


Socially Conscious Business

Howard Start-Up Targets Food Waste

Where it’s From: Amanda Yeager via The Baltimore Sun

What it is: A great example of an entrepreneur who saw a social need, and used otherwise wasted resources to solve it.

Why we like it: Resourcefulness is key in conscious business – this entrepreneur took wasted food and is selling it affordably to those in need of fresh produce!

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Community Pharmacy Network Launched In Kenya

Where it’s from: The Guardian

What it is: A story of a pharmacy chain that provides countless Kenyans with accessible and affordable pharmaceuticals

Why we like it: The investment here is sustainable, socially conscious, and provides necessities to many. Not to mention the jobs that are created when a new pharmacy is opened!