Startups and Entrepreneurship

7 Rules for Building a Distinctive Personal Brand (and a Bonus to Get You Started)

  • Who it’s from: Deep Patel via Entrepreneur
  • What it is: 7 musts for building a brand for yourself or your business.
  • Why we like it: Entrepreneurs must have their brand down from the beginning – it is crucial to position yourself correctly in order to succeed!

Social Consciousness

This Social Network is for Farmers, Diners, and Chefs

  • Who it’s from: Conscious Company magazine
  • What it is: Introducing LET um EAT, a social network that connects food producers with local restaurants and individuals.
  • Why we like it: Small-scale farming certainly has a role in furthering community development, fostering long-term relationships, and promoting economic growth!

Social Enterprise

7 World-Changing Companies to Watch

  • Who it’s from: Matthew Heimer, Erika Fry, and Jonathan Chew via Fortune
  • What it is: A great lineup of 7 business that make an impact.
  • Why we like it: Although we champion SMEs, corporations certainly have awesome opportunities to make an impact, too!

Solutions to Poverty

One More Look at Rio: The Necessity and Complexity of Systems Change

  • Who it’s from: Joony Moon via Skoll
  • What it is: A look at the problem of poverty in the most recent Olympic city, Rio.
  • Why we like it: We know that poverty is complex. Moon takes a look at several factors surrounding poverty in Rio.

Sustainable Development

Banking on Social Innovation – An Interview with Caroline Anstey, Global Head of UBS and Society

  • Who it’s from: Ashoka via Business Fights Poverty
  • What it is: An interview with Caroline Anstey, Global Head of UBS and Society.
  • Why we like it: Caroline emphasizes the importance of the private sector when it comes to solving social and environmental problems.