Startups & Entrepreneurship

50 Habits That Prove You Were Born To Be An Entrepreneur

Where it’s from: AudienceBloom’s Jayson Demers via Entrepreneur

What it is: A quick, encouraging list of traits common to those successful in entrepreneurship.

Why we like it: So many are on the fence about taking the step to become an entrepreneur. Often, they sacrifice stability, money, and LOTS of time in order to make their dream a reality. Some people need an extra boost to follow their dreams. We hope you find it here!

Social Consciousness

The bio-fuel start-up that sells cooking gas by the rucksack

Where it’s from: BBC’s James Jeffrey

What it is: A story of a woman who uses the resources around her to create and sell clean energy.

Why we like it: A poverty-stricken country like Ethiopia can only progress with the creation of sustainable employment. The woman featured in the story uses local resources to creatively generate, sell, and deliver biogas. She meets a social need while building a profitable business!

Solutions to Poverty

Unlocking the History of African Poverty and Development

Where it’s from: Agora Enterprises’ Britney Hamm and Gwen Rapp

What it is: A true look at the history of Africa’s history, and the effects of global perception.

Why we like it: This article prompts the reader on a personal level. Change starts within the hearts of individuals. When people see Africa as a continent with dignity, intelligence, beauty, and value, only then will resources be contributed to helping it overcome poverty.

Social Enterprise

Where Good Ideas Come From

Where it’s from: Steven Johnson

What it is: A unique view on how good ideas are formed and developed.

Why we like it: Good ideas are at the heart of entrepreneurship. All efforts are lost if based on a bad idea. This thought provoking video gives insight and encouragement on how to have good ideas.

Sustainable Development

How A Toilet Franchise Business is Cleaning Up Kenya’s Slums

Where it’s from: Ben Schiller of Co.Exist

What it is: A story of entrepreneurs in Kenya bringing dignity and profitable business all while working for social good.

Why we like it: This enterprise address a human need as well as sanitation, beautification, and dignity to local people.