Startups and Entrepreneurship

Encouraging Smart Risking Taking Doesn’t Mean Tolerating Dumb Mistakes

  • Who it’s from: Gordon Tredgold via Entrepreneur
  • What it is: This post teaches readers how to take smart risks that are manageable for your business.
  • Why we like it: When creating a startup, it’s impossible NOT to take risks. Knowing how and when to take them is the key to succeeding.

Social Consciousness

Italy’s Plan To Destigmatize Doggy Bags And End Food Waste

  • Who it’s from: Charlie Sorrel via Fast.Co
  • What it is: Italy’s plan to catch up to the many countries in Europe that have cracked down on food waste.
  • Why we like it: Extra food provides countless opportunities for social and environmental progress, but wasting the food wastes the opportunities. Social entrepreneurs can have great success in this area!

Social Enterprise

Global Social Entrepreneurship

  • Who it’s from: Jessica Jackley via Philanthropy University
  • What it is: A course offered to the public that teaches the basics of how to create a social enterprise.
  • Why we like it: Many people have ideas about how they can create a successful startup, but few actually do. Resources like this help bolster your toolbox for building a social enterprise.

Solutions to Poverty

Supporting SME Growth through Innovation and Partnership – A Review of the Landscape

  • Who it’s from: Lara Sinha via Business Fights Poverty
  • What it is: A report on how SME are supported through partnership and innovation.
  • Why we like it: Both partnership and innovation are essential to eradicating poverty through business. Lives are changed through SME!

Sustainable Development

Kenyan pharmacy chain: Why have one store, when you can have five?

  • Who it’s from: Dinfin Mulupi via How We Made It In Africa
  • What it is: A story of Neem Pharmacy, a successful pharmacy chain in Kenya.
  • Why we like it: Taking the step to open another brick-and-mortar location for your business could make or break you. Neem Pharmacy has created a successful enterprise that serves many customers throughout Nairobi.