Startups and Entrepreneurship

Top 5 Tips for Long-Term Entrepreneurial Success And Getting Over The “Hump Year” In Business

  • Who it’s from: Billee Howard via Forbes
  • What it is: 5 great tips on getting past the 3-year “hump” in creating a startup
  • Why we like it: Are you in your first few years of a startup? Congratulations! Keep up with good work and learn how to push past the “hump year!”

Social Consciousness

Look before you leap

  • Who it’s from: The Economist
  • What it is: A compelling argument concerning reining in leapfrogging and acknowledging the importance of traditional infrastructure.
  • Why we like it: While innovative solutions to long-standing problems can’t be contested as effective, in some scenarios, traditional solutions can’t be “leapfrogged.”

Social Enterprise

5 Characteristics of Thriving Social Entrepreneurs

  • Who it’s from: Jean Case via Medium
  • What it is: One tip in a series of 5 that every social entrepreneur needs to succeed.
  • Why we like it: Being a “sponge” is crucial in creating a startup. Whether it’s learning what’s been done before you start on an idea or learning what the market needs next, an entrepreneur can never stop learning!

Solutions to Poverty

How The Mobile Phone Is Enabling A New Social Enterprise Economy

  • Who it’s from: Ashoka via Forbes
  • What it is: A report on the essential nature of mobile phones in lifting people out of poverty in developing communities.
  • Why we like it: Mobile phones have helped countless people in developing communities gain access to banking services, increase business efficiency, and much more!

Sustainable Development

How do we get more people to purify water using the sun’s rays?

  • Who it’s from: Inga Vesper via The Guardian
  • What it is: An emphasis on the importance of education when it comes to innovative and unfamiliar water sterilization methods in developing communities.
  • Why we like it: Using clean and sustainable means of purifying water is crucial, but many don’t trust its effectiveness. Education is key to catalyzing this solution!