Startups and Entrepreneurship

Avoiding burnout: Naomi Mwasambili

Social Consciousness

The Myths of Conscious Consumerism

  • Who it’s from: Phillip Haid via Sustainable Brands
  • What it is: A myth-busting take on the power of conscious consumerism.
  • Why we like it: While not so hot off the press, this highlights the myths society believes about how they spend their dollars. Buying “good products” really does cause social change!

Social Enterprise

“Social” Takes Center Stage at President Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit

  • Who it’s from: Suzana Grago via Skoll
  • What it is: A report on 2016’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit.
  • Why we like it: Social entrepreneurship is continuing to gain national attention as it becomes a lifeline for job creation and poverty alleviation.

Solutions to Poverty

Trade Beats Aid for the Developing World

  • Who it’s from: John Glenn via Foundation for Economic Education
  • What it is: A plea to let free markets and self-actualization enable individuals to build a given community’s economy.
  • Why we like it: People with passion don’t stop, and many times are stifled only by international arrangements that sidestep their opportunity. At Agora, we believe in equipping and empowering individuals to pursue their passions, and restraining ongoing aid programs that operate at the expense of the local economy.

Sustainable Development

Impact governance and management: Fulfilling the promise of capitalism to achieve a shared and durable prosperity

  • Who it’s from: Andrew Kassoy, Bart Houlahan and Jay Coen Gilbert via Brookings Institute
  • What it is: An academic paper on how corporations can maximize their social impact and overcome barriers common to responsible businesses.
  • Why we like it: Social impact is becoming integrated into the culture and goals of many existing companies, which sets an example for small & medium enterprises!