Startups & Entrepreneurship

Where it’s from: Schumpeter

What it is: An article discussing what an entrepreneur is and the key differences between two views.

What it’s about: “There are two distinctive views. The first is the popular view: that entrepreneurs are people who run their own companies, the self-employed or small-business people. The second is… that entrepreneurs are innovators: people who come up with ideas and embody those ideas in high-growth companies.”

Why we like it: When it comes to changing the world through business, the key to success lies with entrepreneurs, from small business owners to high-growth innovators.


Social Consciousness

Where it’s from: Agora Enterprises

What it is: An infographic that highlights the vast discrepancy between the immense portion of the global population living in excess and those living in poverty.

Why we like it: This visual representation brings home the staggering injustice of poverty.


Socially Conscious Business/Social Enterprise

Where it’s from: Triple Pundit’s Jeff Klein

What it is: An article exploring what conscious capitalism is and it’s bearing on stakeholders, leaders, and culture at large.

What it’s about: According to this article, “To be conscious means to be awake, mindful… A conscious business fosters peace and happiness in the individual, respect and solidarity in the community, and mission accomplishment in the organization.”

Why we like it: Everyone involved in a capitalist economy could benefit from gaining a better understanding of this term, especially those wishing to better the world through business.


Solutions to Poverty

Where it’s from: Dick Weidner of Agora Enterprises

What it is: A blog post about the world’s emerging middle class.

What it’s about: Recent industrial expansion and the spread of capitalism have granted impoverished people the chance at upward mobility; these groups only lack training and support to seize this opportunity.

Why we like it: Agora seeks to capitalize on the recent surge of business overseas by equipping and supporting entrepreneurs so that they may take advantage of this industrial boom.


Sustainable Development

Where it’s from: Sense and Sustainability

What it is: A blog post listing ideal reading material for those interested in sustainability.

What it’s about: This list includes a variety of reading material, both nonfiction and fiction, with topics ranging from combating climate change to bio-medicine, with brief summaries of each work.

Why we like it: These are great resources for individuals interested in sustainable development and the variety of material means there’s something for everyone.