Startups and Entrepreneurship

From The Edge Of Space, 5 Tips For Social Entrepreneurs

  • Who it’s from: Devin Thorpe via Forbes
  • What it is: Five insights that Dan Clark, Hall of Fame Speaker and entrepreneur, gained when flying…into space.
  • Why we like it: Clark’s insights on purpose, significance, and leadership are spot on when it comes to entrepreneurship!

Social Consciousness

This Canadian Social Enterprise Is Introducing The World To Tire Tube Fashion

  • Who it’s from: Jazzmine Raine via CauseArtist
  • What it is: An interview with Cassandra Ciarallo, founder of Chic Made Consciously
  • Why we like it: Repurposing readily available materials into products that make profit are a great way to make a difference!

Social Enterprise

How Jane Chen built a better baby warmer — and a thriving business

  • Who it’s from: Jane Chen via TED Blog
  • What it is: A stunning and emotional talk about Embrace Innovations, a company that provides low-cost, reusable incubators to help premature babies thrive.
  • Why we like it: Jane provides a beautiful example of a social enterprise – a profitable, successful business that directly saves lives, however small they might be.

Solutions to Poverty

Two former street vendors on starting their township construction company

  • Who it’s from: Kate Douglas via How We Made It In Africa
  • What it is: An introduction of Majozi Bros Construction, based in South Africa.
  • Why we like it: These inspiring stories give us hope! We know that change really is happening, and with the right tools, people can exit the cycle of poverty!

Sustainable Development

Jean Case on data, entrepreneurship and impact investing

  • Who it’s from: Catherine Cheney via Devex
  • What it is: An interview with Jean Case, the CEO of the Case Foundation and chair of the National Geographic Society
  • Why we like it: Case talks about investing, development, and her love/hate relationship with data when it comes to entrepreneurship in the developing world.