Startups and Entrepreneurship

Five key lessons for corporates from an Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Who it’s from: Claudia Barriga-Larriviere via Startup Daily
    • What it is: A deep dive into five concepts that are crucial to creating a lean startup.
    • Why we like it: Lean is good! Humanization of customers, flexibility, and problem solving will all contribute to your startup’s success!

Social Consciousness

What You Need to Know About Socially Responsible Investing

  • Who it’s from: Alina Tugend via Inc.
  • What it is: The rundown on all things impact investing.
  • Why we like it: This article advocates for the genuinely promising returns in the social investing markets and encourages investors to make wise decisions when investing.

Social Enterprise

This New Startup Wants To Be The Airbnb For Local Farm Tourism

  • Who it’s from: Adele Peters via Co.Exist
  • What it is: A spotlight of a new startup called Farmcation that connects city dwellers with local farms.
  • Why we like it: This is a great way to bring to light the social issues of responsibly raised food, as well as increase the income of struggling local farmers!

Solutions to Poverty

New Long-Term Support for Displaced Populations in Africa

  • Who it’s from: The World Bank
  • What it is: An announcement of support for many struggling, displaced Africans.
  • Why we like it: While our bread and butter is the long-term eradication of poverty through business, we recognize the need for immediate practical support in many contexts!

Sustainable Development

Impact Investing: What Will It Take to Get to Scale?

  • Who it’s from: Fran Seegull via Conscious Company Magazine
  • What it is: The “State of the Union” of impact investing, describing key players and more!
  • Why we like it: Social entrepreneurs rely on impact investors to help fund their startups – we love impact investors!