Startups and Entrepreneurship

Take Back Your Mornings (Infographic)

  • Who it’s from: Linda Lacina via Entrepreneur 
  • What it is: An Infographic on the dos and don’ts of your morning routine.
  • Why we like it: We all know that morning routines are crucial for productivity throughout the entire day, but what exactly should we do? This infographic is a great place to start!

Social Consciousness

8 health innovations transforming women’s lives around the world

  • Who it’s from: Savonne Anderson via Mashable
  • What it is: A list of health innovations that are saving countless lives!
  • Why we like it: The entrepreneurs behind these innovations are truly embracing social entrepreneurship. These people make profits, create jobs, and empower employees, while they are directly saving lives!

Social Enterprise

This ingenious no-electricity cooler made with plastic bottles is helping Bangladesh cope with summer

  • Who it’s from: Sonam Joshi via Mashable
  • What it is: An air cooler made of recycled plastic bottles to help control air temperature in hot climates, like Bangladesh.
  • Why we like it: Repurposing local materials for a good purpose is what we’re all about. They even have an instruction manual on how to make one yourself! Congrats on a great product!

Solutions to Poverty


  • Who it’s from: Dennis Price via Impact Alpha
  • What it is: A snapshot into the investments of the world’s wealthiest, and the transformation taking place.
  • Why we like it: Impact Investing isn’t just an afterthought in an investor’s portfolio anymore – it is becoming mainstream! This capital is certainly helping to lift communities out of poverty!

Sustainable Development

Time to let go: a proposal for change in the humanitarian system

  • Who it’s from: Overseas Development Institute
  • What it is: A plea for serious review and change of humanitarian efforts worldwide
  • Why we like it: This video calls for local support rather than entering in to situations already “knowing it all.”