Startups and Entrepreneurship

The Findings of This Massive Global Social Entrepreneurship Study Will Surprise You 

  • Who it’s from: Lindsay Friedman via
  • What it is: A sort of “State of Social Enterprise” describing the status across the globe.
  • Why we like it: We see here that social entrepreneurship rates are higher in not only the US, but in developing countries as well!

Social Consciousness

Why Millennials Are Prioritizing Purpose Over College Majors 

  • Who it’s from: Paul Grossinger via Inc.
  • What it is: A wake up call to businesses around the world – that young people prioritize purpose, especially when looking for work.
  • Why we like it: This growing trend (that’s hopefully here to stay!) will ripen the ground for many new social enterprises, as well as help existing ones to grow!

Social Enterprise

Your Social Enterprise on 1 Page: Social Lean Canvas

  • Who it’s from: Jay Boolkin via Social Good Stuff
  • What it is: A lean startup canvas specifically designed for social enterprise – this warms our heart!
  • Why we like it: We’ve all heard of the lean startup canvas. This modified version creates space for things like impact and purpose, too!

Solutions to Poverty

Yemen: ‘Some people are living on one piece of bread a day’

  • Who it’s from: Lydia Tinka via The Guardian
  • What it is: A snapshot of one of the least-mentioned wartorn places on the globe – Yemen.
  • Why we like it: This is proof that peace is crucial to a population’s well-being, and that human flourishing only exists when society works.

Sustainable Development

Uganda: Solar-Powered Cart to Change Life of a Vendor in Kampala

  • Who it’s from: Alon Mwesigwa via AllAfrica 
  • What it is: A great introduction to a Hult Prize finalist project – the Musana Cart.
  • Why we like it: This will revolutionize street vending in Uganda, providing opportunities for stove-cooking and refrigeration.