Startups and Entrepreneurship

3 Important Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

  • Who it’s from: Gary Vaynerchuk via Inc.
  • What it is: An upfront look at the realities of starting a business.
  • Why we like it: Entrepreneurship is hard work and takes tons of commitment. This quick read is very honest about the realities of creating a startup.

Social Consciousness

Gnarly Fruit Paves Way for Ugly Fish Jerky in Battle to Curb Food

  • Who it’s from: Dave Armon via 3BL Media
  • What it is: A account of the current food waste crises in America, and the movement that is quickly gaining traction
  • Why we like it: Food waste is one of the largest issues facing American society today, as many are left hungry while, as the article states, nearly 40% of food is thrown away. This provides an opportunity for social entrepreneurs to come alongside grocery stores and restaurants to help solve these problems!

Social Enterprise

20 Social Entrepreneur Books That Will Inspire You To Impact The World

  • Who it’s from: Grant Trahant via Cause Artist 
  • What it is: A round up of both memoir and nonfiction that will further your grasp on the reaches of social enterprise.
  • Why we like it: Hearing the stories of others personalizes both the problems and the successes surrounding social entrepreneurs. We love hearing stories!

Solutions to Poverty

How Small Farmers and the Private Sector Can End Poverty and Hunger

  • Who it’s from: Kanayo F Nwanze via Business Fights Poverty
  • What it is: A plea for the private sector to step up in helping the fight against poverty.
  • Why we like it: This is very concept is what we stand for! We have seen the results of entrepreneurs impacting their communities, and support it completely.

Sustainable Development

From Rural Poverty to Thriving Communities: Connecting the Pieces of the Solution Puzzle

  • Who it’s from: Skoll
  • What it is: An explanation of where social entrepreneurs fit in the grand scheme of enterprise.
  • Why we like it: This is a great outline of the challenges faced by social entrepreneurs!