Startups and Entrepreneurship

A Series Of Unfortunate Events: How Entrepreneurs Can Endure Ongoing Disappointment 

  • Who it’s from: Chris Myers via Forbes
  • What it is: Steps to take to break through the chains of disappointment as an entrepreneur.
  • Why we like it: It’s unrealistic to assume entrepreneurs won’t face disappointment, but how we deal with it will set us apart – or back.

Social Consciousness

Cuba to legalize small and medium-sized private businesses

  • Who it’s from: Michael Weissenstein via Associated Press
  • What it is: The great news of Cuba’s legalization of small to medium businesses.
  • Why we like it: This is great news! This will certainly encourage entrepreneurs to work creatively to better their communities!

Social Enterprise

The Research Gap in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Who it’s from: Mark Hand via Stanford Social Innovation Review 
  • What it is: Findings concerning the amount of research available on social entrepreneurship.
  • Why we like it: While especially academic, we certainly appreciate the recognition of the lack of good data and research on social entrepreneurship. More research = more opportunity for growth and development!

Solutions to Poverty

Can Social Innovation & Social Enterprise Startups Be The Answer For A Better Afghanistan?

  • Who it’s from: Grant Trahant via CauseArtist
  • What it is: An interview with a successful figure in the Afghan social entrepreneurship space.
  • Why we like it: People like Azadeh all over the world are helping to lift many out of poverty!

Sustainable Development

A day out at Nikki’s farm—a Youth Agripreneur in Action

  • Who it’s from: Mahesh Chander via The Global Forum on Agricultural Research
  • What it is: A story of a successful youth agripreneur
  • Why we like it: Hearing successful stories of creative people bettering themselves and their communities is what we love!