Startups and Entrepreneurship

The Empowered Entrepreneur

  • Who it’s from: Entrepreneur
  • What it is: A great collection of the best tips for entrepreneurs (and everyone else!)
  • Why we like it: These tips do what they say they do – empower entrepreneurs to be the best!

Social Consciousness

Cassava Innovation Challenge

  • Who it’s from: Amira Bliss and Nnika Eze via Business Fights Poverty
  • What it is: An introduction of a challenge that aims to fight hunger by finding innovative ways to preserve nearly half of the cassava that spoils before it can be eaten.
  • Why we like it: This is a great example of a social enterprise being born! This problem is huge – and more importantly, one that can be avoided by creating a platform for ideas to become reality!

Social Enterprise

Hope Beyond the Wall: Realizing Palestinian Potential Through Social Entrepreneurship 

  • Who it’s from: Huda Yaacoubi via Huffington Post
  • What it is: The story behind “Hult Prize Palestine”, a platform for creating lasting solutions for everyday problems.
  • Why we like it: Especially in instable communities, the hope that social enterprise brings is undeniable!

Solutions to Poverty

What Data Can Do to Fight Poverty

  • Who it’s from: Anie Duflo and Dean Karlan via The New York Times 
  • What it is: An explanation of the benefits of having good data in terms of fighting poverty.
  • Why we like it: Because it’s true that basing your social venture on anecdotal evidence of a problem isn’t wise, data is needed to fully understand the extent of a social problem. Data also helps to measure social goals!

Sustainable Development

17 Goals to Rule Them All: How the SDGs Can Benefit Organizations 

  • Who it’s from: Triple Pundit
  • What it is: A great explanation of how pursuit of the UN’s SDGs can benefit organizations.
  • Why we like it: Although from the archives, this is great to remember! The effects of reaching these goals will empower many!