Startups and Entrepreneurship


  • Who it’s from: Ovi Negrean via Foundr
  • What it is: A guide to gleaning the most from mentors, and how to find resources that will virtually coach you along your startup journey and beyond!
  • Why we like it: We care about social impact, and lasting social change through enterprise can’t be made without successful business! These tips will help any entrepreneur in any stage of their journey!

Social Consciousness

How Learning and Development is Important to Social Responsibility

  • Who it’s from: Brigg Patten of SocialEarth
  • What it is: The author ties in the importance of development and learning in the world of social responsibility.
  • Why we like it: Just as the complex issues of this world are always changing, so should we as learners and entrepreneurs strive to always solve problems in the best way possible.

Social Enterprise

How ‘Social’ Social Entrepreneurship Should Be?

  • Who it’s from: Ritu Kochar via Entrepreneur
  • What it is: A breakdown of what a social entrepreneur truly is, and the differences it holds with both conventional entrepreneurs and social activists.
  • Why we like it: The distinction among the three is extremely important. While each have their place in our society, social enterprise combines the best facets of both entrepreneurs and activists and creates empowerment, opportunity, and change!

Solutions to Poverty


  • Who it’s from: Daniela Kon via Two Dollar Challenge
  • What it is: A plea for social impact media creators to accurately portray what truly helps the poor.
  • Why we like it: Eradicating poverty is complicated. Community-specific. Locally-driven. These principles should be apparent in the propaganda being displayed to investors in the US. Many are given the “donate now!” speech and money is given. However, the long-lasting impact lacks.

Sustainable Development

Stimulating inclusive growth among Kenya’s smallholder coffee farmers

  • Who it’s from: The Guardian
  • What it is: Vava coffee is an example of an inclusive business – one that empowers women to earn a living and move out of poverty, breaking the cycle in their families.
  • Why we like it: This business model truly impacts lives and breaks the cycle of poverty in many families across the world!