Startups and Entrepreneurship

Marketing a Social Enterprise Product

  • Who it’s from: Leah McPherson via Social Entrepreneur TV
  • What it is: A quick testimonial on how to market products put on the shelves by social enterprise.
  • Why we like it: Having a good product simply isn’t enough. A wide customer base will not flock to your product solely because of your social benefit. Marketing is just as important in your social enterprise as it is in any other sector. Therefore, the product must be put in the right place at the right time!

Social Consciousness

Western do-gooders need to resist the allure of ‘exotic problems’

  • Who it’s from: Courtney E Martin via The Guardian
  • What it is: A great description and counter-argument of the widespread belief that a Westerner can step into a foreign country and solve problems.
  • Why we like it: Big issues like poverty, discrimination, and educational deficits are complex and vary by culture. We know that it is best to empower local leaders and citizens to tackle these problems instead of having an assumption of superiority of knowledge and skill.

Social Enterprise

Lean Startups for Social Change

  • Who it’s from: Madanmohan Rao via YourStory
  • What it is: A quick review of lean startup principles tailored to social entrepreneurs.
  • Why we like it: Starting lean is a great way to kick off your business. Tests, iterations, launches, and re-launches are truly the best way to know what your customers want!

Solutions to Poverty

Innovation Alone Won’t Fix Social Problems

  • Who it’s from: Amanda Moore McBride and Eric Mlyn via The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • What it is: A great reminder that while becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to begin tackling social problems, partnering alongside existing local programs is a great way to get involved. They need support, too!
  • Why we like it: I think we could agree that most people see issues in the world that can be fixed. However, many people won’t ever become entrepreneurs. These people are essentially in helping to progress and grow existing efforts.

Sustainable Development

How social entrepreneurship is making a difference in the world

  • Who it’s from: Bérénice Magistretti via TechCrunch
  • What it is: A great overview of the successful efforts of any social enterprises all over the globe.
  • Why we like it: It shows how much a difference having a successful enterprise can make in countless lives!