Startups and Entrepreneurship

5 Signs You’ve Got What It Takes to Become a Successful Social Entrepreneur

  • Who it’s from: Rebecca Cressman via CauseArtist
  • What it is: A great list of unique attributes that may indicate strength in beginning a social enterprise.
  • Why we like it: This article tells the plain truth of the importance of business development just as much a social mission. If your mission is strong, but you don’t have viable business operations, you won’t be able to make the impact you’d like to!

Social Consciousness

Doggy bags to pig feed: 10 things we learned about food waste

  • Who it’s from: Hannah Gould via The Guardian
  • What it is: A list of observations on the UK’s problem with food waste.
  • Why we like it: These types of articles highlight opportunities for socially conscious business to thrive!

Social Enterprise

Threads of Freedom

  • Who it’s from: Small & Growing Businesses via The Aspen Institute
  • What it is: An outline of the problem and solution associated with reintegration into society of formerly trafficked women.
  • Why we like it: These women are among the least according to greater society. Organizations that aim to empower women to live freely are great in our eyes!

Solutions to Poverty

Five evils: Multidimensional poverty and race in America

  • Who it’s from: Richard Reeves, Edward Rodrigue, and Elizabeth Kneebone via Brookings
  • What it is: A paper examining the 5 dimensions of poverty.
  • Why we like it: The paper’s 5 dimensions of poverty highlight the very problems we exist to eradicate. This is a great outline of the very problems we solve!

Sustainable Development

How This Entrepreneur Built A Profitable Business Empowering Ugandan Women

  • Who it’s from: Ashoka via Forbes
  • What it is: The story of KadAfrica, a business that provides women with opportunities to develop business.
  • Why we like it: KadAfrica’s business provides women with entrepreneurship training, financial literacy training, and empowerment – this is what social enterprise is about!