Startups and Entrepreneurship

Why Managing Energy Over Time Wins—Every Time 

  • Who it’s from: Tom Chi via Unreasonable
  • What it is: A great wake up call to entrepreneurs and established workers alike to focus on placing our energies in the right place. The Z Factor – the effectiveness, creativity, and drive of employees, is more important than time and productivity!
  • Why we like it: One of the many factors that sets social enterprise apart from conventional entrepreneurship is the Z Factor – eradicating poverty and changing lives gives all social entrepreneurs the extra drive to succeed in their given field!

Social Consciousness

7 Inspiring Talks By Social Impact Leaders

  • Who it’s from: Allison Gauss via Classy
  • What it is: A great round up of talks from individuals passionate about social impact. These folks practice what they preach!
  • Why we like it: Times are changing – many more people than ever before are recognizing the importance of making an impact through business as well as other avenues. The ingenuity and creativity of these individuals is inspiring!

Social Enterprise

As Donor Governments Cut Aid Budgets, Can Social Enterprises Fill the Gap?

  • Who it’s from: Lewis Temple via Business Fights Poverty
  • What it is: This article emphasizes the importance of social enterprise and the role that it plays in filling gaps where aid fails.
  • Why we like it: We believe that aid isn’t always the best way to help a developing community. Like Temple, we know that social enterprise has an ever-increasing role in helping lift communities out of poverty.

Solutions to Poverty

Cultures of Trust and Ethical Markets

  • Who it’s from: PovertyCure
  • What it is: A quick video describing the importance of cultural capital and an environment of ethical competition.
  • Why we like it: This really is the basis of social enterprise – solving problems through business in an ethical, moral, and empowering way!

Sustainable Development

Time to let go 

  • Who it’s from: Humanitarian Policy Group via ODI
  • What it is: A 3-point proposal to change the humanitarian system to one of empowerment and support.
  • Why we like it: This proposal aims to empower those closest to ongoing crises, admitting that conventional Western ideas of aid often fail to effectively support the local community.