Startups and Entrepreneurship

Crowdfunding Won’t Work Unless You Prove Your Product Can Ease a Pain Point

  • Who it’s from: Matthew Toren via Entrepreneur
  • What it is: An article that shows how crowdfunding can be used to make your startup dream a reality.
  • Why we like it: Entrepreneurs use many different avenues to make their startup dreams come true. Crowdfunding is a great way to combine social media and problem solving!

Social Consciousness

Social Entrepreneurship Labels Need To Go: It’s All About Supply Chains

  • Who it’s from: Esha Chhabra via Forbes
  • What it is: A description of the growing awareness of supply chain responsibility among social enterprise.
  • Why we like it: One of the most important marks of a great social enterprise is a responsible supply chain that values both the workers and the environment!

Social Enterprise

A quarter of South Africans are unemployed – but this social entrepreneur has a plan

  • Who it’s from: Samuel Brown via World Economic Forum
  • What it is: An interview with Luvuyo Rani, the co-founder and managing director of Silulo Technologies.
  • Why we like it: Rani is tackling unemployment in South Africa through business. Using business to eradicate poverty is the one solution that works in every culture!

Solutions to Poverty

Inclusive Innovation – From Idea to Impact 

  • Who it’s from: Nicolas Chevrollier via Business Fights Poverty
  • What it is: An insight on inclusive innovation, which combines impact with low-income groups.
  • Why we like it: Inclusive innovation is a huge part of social enterprise. These very types of innovations will be the key to eradicating poverty!

Sustainable Development

Social entrepreneurship: a different lens of merit

  • Who it’s from: Alastair Wilson via Pioneers Post
  • What it is: An application of the concept of “merit” in regards to social enterprise.
  • Why we like it: We’ll let the article speak for itself: “Social entrepreneurship [is] a way to solve social problems precisely because it gives power to those with the problem.”