Startups and Entrepreneurship

From Social Enterprise To Social Franchise

  • Who it’s from: Kevin Hurley of Centre for Social Innovation via The Canadian CED Network
  • What it is: A guide to “achieving scale through replication.” Hurley teaches readers how to make the biggest impact possible.
  • Why we like it: Just because an enterprise is social doesn’t mean it needs be super small. Part of smart business is knowing when to take it to the next level!

Social Consciousness

African Farmers in The Digital Age

  • Who it’s from: The Digital Thinking Initiative via Foreign Affairs
  • What it is: A collection of essays concerning Africa’s food system, small farms, and nutrition.
  • Why we like it: Good jobs are often created through small-scale businesses and farms – intentionally addressing the future of this market is essential!

Social Enterprise

How to become a social entrepreneur without leaving your day job

  • Who it’s from: Josh Schukman of HuffPost Impact
  • What it is: This provides direction, especially for millennials, to be able to cultivate good in their communities when becoming an entrepreneur may not be the wisest choice at the time.
  • Why we like it: Not everyone is able to spend the time they’d like to developing a social enterprise, but everyone can choose to make doing good a regular part of life!

Solutions to Poverty

Paul Polak’s Top 10 Books

  • Who it’s from: Paul Polak
  • What it is: A list of books that help us to understand the world, many of which teach readers about poverty.
  • Why we like it: We love resources that help us to better understand our world!

Sustainable Development

Who knows the solution to the European migration crisis? The refugees themselves.

  • Who it’s from: Ashoka via Medium
  • What it is: A great suggestion that considers refugees the number one resource to solving many of their practical problems. Refugee status doesn’t take away one’s ingenuity, creativity, and ability to problem-solve!
  • Why we like it: We like to see good jobs created. Especially for refugees, this helps to deliver empowerment, resources, and a better living standard.