Startups & Entrepreneurship

The Lean Startup Methodology

Where it’s from: The Lean Startup

What it is: An article about the Lean Startup approach which focuses on key principles that will aid entrepreneurs as they learn how to build a sustainable business, measure progress, and gain and implement feedback.

Why we like it: This method helps keep startup entrepreneurs from making common mistakes and helps them to work smarter not harder.


Social Consciousness

How Hazelnuts Saved a Life from Human Trafficking

Where it’s from: Agora Enterprises’ Cal Milton

What it is: A blog post illustrating just how far social consciousness within enterprises can go towards saving lives from horrific fates like that of human trafficking.

Why we like it: This is a good reminder of how big of an impact social consciousness can make and why we must continue to support social enterprises.


Socially Conscious Business/Social Enterprise

Socially Conscious Business Can Change the World: The Impact of Business on Society

Where it’s from: Agora Enterprises

What it is: An infographic that illustrates the principles behind socially conscious businesses and the impact this from of business can have on society.

Why we like it: This visual simplifies the relatively complex ideas governing socially conscious business.


Solutions to Poverty

Breaking Boundaries to Solve Global Development Problems

Where it’s from: Cheryl L. Dorsey of Echoing Green

What it is: An article reminding readers that though there may not be a quick and easy solution to solving the problem of poverty, there are plenty of creative entrepreneurs working to break the cycle of poverty.

Why we like it: The individuals mentioned in this article exemplify the sort of innovators needed to end poverty through enterprise.


Sustainable Development

Social enterprise Dazin saves lives by eliminating deadly smoke from household cooking

Where it’s from: Shiny Shiny

What it is: An article detailing how Dazin is providing fuel and smokeless stoves to rural households in exchange for the surplus material needed to create this fuel thereby providing an affordable and sustainable solution to the problem of smoke inhalation.

Why we like it: Dazin’s work is a perfect example of how sustainable solutions can save lives.