About Agora

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We envision a world where business is a
catalytic force sparking lasting world change.

To change the world through business.

To enhance the spiritual, social and economic prosperity of developing and disadvantaged communities both domestic and abroad by unleashing entrepreneurs to establish profitable businesses which holistically benefit those communities, create jobs, and inspire local entrepreneurs to do the same.

Establish global hubs of entrepreneurial activity, called Venture Villages™, across the globe, through which we provide holistic training, mentoring, resources, collaboration, and funding opportunities for the support and development of new and existing socially conscious businesses.

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of people from the clutches of poverty.

of business development and social impact.

Agora Ambitions

We are committed to striving for the…

of sustainable solutions to societal problems.

of scalable social and economic impact.

of profitable and equitable social enterprises.

of people, ideas, and resources.

The Agora Difference

Holistic Approach

We believe the mental and spiritual health of our entrepreneurs is vital to the success of their business and the measure of their social impact. Consequently we address the holistic well-being and preparation of our entrepreneurs and their teams and families.


Through our investment site, InvestnUs, our entrepreneurs have access to unique funding opportunities ranging from donated funds, low-interest investments, and crowdfunding for their socially conscious business projects.

All About People

We are passionate about investing in people, not just successful social enterprises. We care about eradicating poverty and empowering people to live with dignity and opportunity because the lives of real people are at stake.

Comprehensive Offering

We have the most comprehensive offering for socially conscious entrepreneurship out there. From assessment to mentoring to training to funding and everything in between, our process has all the resources an entrepreneur could possibly need to succeed.

Ongoing Partnership

Our process is designed as a long-term partnership, not a start-to-finish program. Our relationship with our entrepreneur members continues as long as they find it helpful to achieving their business success and social impact goals.


Our process is highly flexible to the situation and needs of each entrepreneur, whether just starting out or well beyond business launch. We give entrepreneurs access to everything we offer in a flexible format that fits their needs.

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