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by empowering socially conscious entrepreneurs to use their passion for business to change the world.

In the next 10 years, Agora aims to
in developing and underprivileged communities across the globe.
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"Socially conscious business can change the world."

- Ray Barreth, CEO of Agora

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Global poverty is the world's greatest problem. Fixing it isn't easy. We exist because poverty exists, and poverty exists because good jobs don't. This global problem needs our attention and an effective and sustainable solution.

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We have a vision to change the world through business and eradicate poverty through enterprise. And we have a strategy to see that vision come to fruition. We're passionate about the power of socially conscious business to solve community problems across the globe.

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We are unleash socially conscious entrepreneurs to make an economic, social, and spiritual impact through their business. We do this by providing entrepreneurial training and support through our Venture Village™ program and offering funding through our crowdfunding and impact investing.

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Changing the world isn't a solo undertaking. We need all kinds of people to join the movement. Whether you're a social entrepreneur, business owner, impact investor, business coach, donor, or social crowdfunder, we need you to help us make a lasting difference.

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